The Royal Raid : Day 0

It had been a while since I explored a state properly. The rides I did recently had really scenic routes but I didn’t have enough time to stay there and explore these beautiful places. I was craving for a long relaxed ride where it was not only about munching miles every day. So , I began planning the ride dates . What else can be better than the Christmas time for a long fantastic ride ? The dates were decided. A 14 days ride . But where to ? The location was a difficult choice to make. North was not an option at all. I would have been busy in wrapping up myself in sheets of warm clothes rather than riding out in the open. I discussed the plan of riding to Kerala and North East with few friends. But as usual no one showed up except my cousin. This made the ride more special for me.

We figured it out that as only we two were going to ride lets change the plan to a more economical one and cover the places which we have never seen before . As I have always said that I end up making a different choice over all the options given to me. So we pinned up the royal state of Rajasthan on the map. I was totally clueless as to which places to visit. After searching a lot and digging up few ideas from fellow explorers I decided to fuck this shit and make a random list of places to visit. The plan was to cover some off-beat places around some well known areas of the state.

Pratik,my cousin, was going to join me from Nashik on his CBR 250 . So the plan was something like this :

Pune -> Nashik -> Vadodara -> Udaipur -> Jodhpur -> Jaisalmer ->Bikaner -> Jaipur -> Ahmedabad -> Pune.

But this again changed a lot when we actually reached Rajasthan 😛 . We ended up doing pretty opposite of that.This was just a teaser blog to pump you guys up for the beautiful landscapes and moments that I witnessed in Rajasthan. Till then brace yourselves and #ExploreTillYouCan.

Oh and not to forget we got to stay in a lake side deluxe room in Udaipur for just 200 bucks a night 😉 #jugaad !

To be continued … …

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