The Exotic South : Day 0

You come to know that you have been riding a lot by looking at two things : the Odo and your squeezed wallet. But what the hell ! I am not gonna sit back home or party somewhere in this 3 days’ vacation.These things just don’t stop revolving in my mind whenever I see such a streak of holidays in the calendar.By this time I lose interest in everything other than google maps, which suddenly starts running faster than Mr.Bolt. After all this, I finally sat and started planning for the ride a week before . Oh BTW, the holiday streak was from 2nd October 😛 .

After a bit of pain in the brain and storming my ass. Oh wait !  *pain in the ass and storming my brain. I came up with two options, either Hyderabad or somewhere in the South. So called these two bitches,Prasad & Varad, who were in Hyderabad that time. The insanity of these two is beyond the understanding of flint-stones era people and regular humans.It  had been a long since I met them after leaving Kolkata.Took the phone, called them and everything was finalised.Both rover and I were excited to visit the land of Chichas and the mouth watering Biryani !

All I had to do was wait till 1st October . But , as I said,these guys were bitches. Ditched me just a day before the ride . Fuckers ! So I was left with just one option, the South. But WHERE ? It was already 1 pm and I was yet to decide where I was going to ride the next day.

I had heard a lot about the amazing coastal roads and the jungles of Karnataka. Two things I love to see the most while riding are the ocean and the hills. Without any further mach mach  I decided to drop a pin at Ooty. Yes, Ooty ! Height of randomness I must say. All gears were arranged and saddle bags were packed. But as the saying goes : “Kutte ki poonch kabhi seedhi nahi hoti aur Ride ke waqt barish kabhi dheere nahi girti ” .  It started raining cats and dogs at 4 pm . I know that I have been cribbing a lot about rains lately, but I am not even kidding.

I had no other option and thus decided to wait till morning  and if the rains didn’t stop then I was going to cancel the plan. Its such a weird feeling . Agitation, excitement, anxiousness, impatience ! you get to experience all these feelings at the same moment in such situations.I used to get up after every hour just to see if the rain has at least slowed down . Obviously, I couldn’t sleep the whole night.Some how I managed to sleep at 2 am and woke up within an hour ,only to find …….

Well ,this time, I will continue it some other time . Stay tuned !

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