A pinch of homeliness.

As I was going through my hard disk I found this image which has a lovely story behind it. While I was on my way to BOBMC Rider Mania ,Nagpur from Pune , I stayed over at my friend’s place in Aurangabad. I had heard a lot about the monument of Biwi ka Muqbara but never got a chance to go there , until now. So I decided to pay it a visit and see this majestic beauty.

Roaming around the monument in my riding gear and those filthy riding boots attracted many eyes towards me. Though seemed not in a good way. “What a douche”, I heard few brains talking around me. Anyways, I let away the shutter bug inside me to roam around and capture some moments. By the time I reached the back side of the monument , I found myself the only person walking around . As I looked further I noticed a family was approaching me. The eldest person of the family who appeared to be the grandfather of the children asked me if I could click a couple of pictures of them with the monument. I was like ,“Sure !” . After taking few images he asked me “How much ?”. Apparently looking after the camera and me he thought that I will click their pictures for money. When I refused to take any money and when I told him that I like taking pictures while travelling and that I will use them in my blog . He said “Then at least have lunch with us” .

We all sat in the garden area of the monument and they removed the tiffins they had brought for the picnic ! Yay ! I hardly remember going for a picnic in the past years. The family was so humble and friendly. I can’t express how happy I felt that time. We all had a good time talking and laughing while we were enjoying our food.

Man ! Travel really takes you to the real world. People everywhere are really good. I agree that not all might be friendly but yeah not all are bad too. If you are not travelling then you are missing out on the best times of your life. And by travelling I don’t mean only long distance travelling . It can be travelling within or around your city too. So be humble and #ExploreTillYouCan

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