The Exotic South : Day 1

Umm…so where we ? Yah ! So I woke up at 3 am only to find that the rain had finally stopped. The stopping of rain made me as happy as the first drop of rain after the piping hot summer. For a second I couldn’t even remember why did I wake up so early. That one hour of power nap was as if Will Smith just flashed me with a neuralyzer . Splashed some water on my face and in no time I was in my riding gears.

It was still dark outside.I was still confused and wasn’t sure of the plan. But I knew this confusion is only till my bum rests on that seat. I picked up my saddle bag and mounted it on Rover . I was all set to go. I was planning to reach Mysore by night as I had already gone through the map when my Hyderabad plan got cancelled . The previous night,I had called up two amazing riders one can ever meet: Arun dada from team Roadshakers,Pune and Raghu dada from Team Wolfe Pack,Mysore . Both of them suggested me a scenic route through Madikeri .

I reached Karwar in couple of hours from Mapusa. It was still dark. But it was a pleasant drive as I had done the Goan perimeter previous month and I knew the road till Karwar. As I further munched on few more miles,I came across this lovely bridge between Karwar and Gokarna. WHAT A BEAUTY ! The beach,Arabian Sea and the river were meeting at one place ! An Estuary ! I got reminded of one that I had seen in Kerala long ago. I stopped for few clicks . I am sure my butt was damn happy to get out of that seat after 160 odd kms. The view was so beautiful that I felt like camping there. I spent some time staring at the rising sun wondering what it must be doing as a stress-buster before starting its mundane day. I started my bike and decided to complete these philosophical wisdom vibes along the way.

The whole ride till Manipal was pretty scenic with the road running along the coast and nice morning breeze making sure that both Rover and I enjoy the ride. The tarmac was amazing ! Flawless I must say. After I crossed Manipal, the coastal humidity started building up. It was around 11 am. I stopped for a while and found myself drenched in sweat. No breeze at all :/ . That time I stubbornly decided that I wont stop till Mangalore.But , my hunger took over that stubbornness . I stopped by a small dhaba in Udupi and had their signature Idli sambar and Uttapam . I was too lazy to get back on the saddle after the eating session. I called up my another friend Prasad who was staying in Mangalore. We exchanged our current locations on Whatsapp and I headed towards his place. He is one great friend ! I wanted to spend some more time with him as we were catching up after a long time,but I was not sure of the weather after Mangalore . I had to rush as it had started drizzling .

While I was heading towards Madikeri I saw a very surprising thing. One of my dream SUVs . A Hummer H3 . I know there is nothing so surprising about it but the thing that was a bit odd and I had never seen before was its number plate. It was Dubai passing. Hmmm…strange ! (I later learnt that you can do that stuff for a specific number of months). The road till Puttur was very narrow and a bit boring too. It was already 4 pm and I was still 170 kms away from Mysore. I was riding for 12 hours now and the Idlis and Uttapam had gone poof already. So I stopped near a small shop and munched on some snacks and tea. It was very refreshing but the humidity was still unbearable .

I wanted to reach Mysore by 7 pm and was just praying that the road should get better at least after Madikeri. To my surprise,just after crossing Puttur I suddenly witnessed a broad,clean and an orgasmic tarmac ! I felt as if it was a mirage. I was easily cruising at 120kmph . No traffic,no blind turns. Wow ! I had witnessed the ocean before Mangalore and now it was time for the Karnataka’s exotic Nilgiris . As I covered some more kms ,the clouds started enveloping the highway, the air started becoming thinner, I could see the hills becoming bigger and bigger .I didn’t want to stop ,I just wanted to enjoy the scenic view,but it started drizzling ,so I stopped by a naryal paanishop amongst the hills.Till then I took a glance at the map . Madikeri was just 10 kms away . I just started my bike and didn’t care about the rains as it was getting late.

I reached Madikeri at 5 pm. It was so beautiful ! the whole route had the mesmerising landscapes of tea and rubber plantations with the sun dipping inside them every minute.Saw one of the biggest CCDs I have seen till now.From Madikeri,Mysore was just 100kms. I called up Raghu and got to know that he had already arranged an accommodation for me . I was like whoa ! He is one gem of a person.

I reached Mysore by 7 pm . The road is superb ! No traffic,no potholes.After reaching the hotel I just threw myself on the bed and took a nice power nap .Rode almost 700 kms with mere two hours sleep. Was tiered as hell but was excited at the same time ,so I started planning for the next day as it was gonna be full of surprises.

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