A close call.

I often like to take detours that lead to off-roads.But never have I ever came across such a close call. Today I thought of trying out the off-roads in the outskirts of Nashik and as usual I took the detour from Nashik-Mumbai highway to rattle up a hill. After crossing the hill a small road was prominently visible that was joining back to the highway again. Instead of joining back to the highway I decided to see where the road ends on the other side. As I got on the tarmac I noticed that the road was butter smooth. Pretty strange for a village road to be so organised and in good condition.

I started feeling strange about this place as it was completely deserted. I kept on riding ahead and the sound of artillery shelling started to echo very near to me. My intuitions were repeatedly telling me that something wasn’t right and I should turn back. Within no time I saw an army truck approaching me. I asked them if it was ok to ride further. The army jawans told me to head back from where I had come as I had trespassed into their area and could get into trouble. Without any arguments I apologised and headed back to the highway. On reaching the asphalt I read this sign and imagined how badly I would have messed up if it wasn’t for that army truck.

The board reads :
This area belongs to army. Entry prohibited. Firing of ammunition is carried out round the clock. Any unathourised entry may result in serious injury/ death ”

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