5 reasons why travelling solo is the best

There are various kind of travellers in our society but ultimately we can narrow them down to two categories : Solo travellers and Group travellers. Both have them have their own perks but somehow I prefer the first option. Travelling solo has loads of benefits and after travelling 1,00,000 kms most of which was solo I can finally give you guys 5 good reasons why you should travel solo at least once :


What is the main reason behind your travels ? To take a break from your routine ,right ? Freedom is a dish better served when solo. You are free out there. You can go wherever you want without depending on others . You can do what you love to do . Go ape-shit crazy as there is no one to judge you for what you are.


When you travel in groups there is this invisible wall around you that somehow restricts you to mix with other unknown people around you. But when you are solo you can have these amazing experiences by knowing people around you. I have made some really good friends who were strangers to me when I was riding solo . You will be amazed to listen to what all stories they have with them . It is a wonderful experience to see how strangers help you when you are lost or stuck somewhere .


One of the key reason to travel solo is you get to take your own decisions. You get that morale boost in you when you start taking your own decisions. Some might go right whereas some might go wrong. But,Hey ! That’s how you learn. You will definitely walk home as a confident and changed person after your first solo trip.


When you are travelling solo ,you are continuously interacting with you surroundings . You come across so many different people of different cultures and regions which were not mentioned in your school books. You get to know the real side of the world ,which is pretty humble and amazing. Internet and school books will only give you the information about the geography of the place but not the information about the people and feeling of actually travelling through those places.


Last but definitely the most important reason behind travelling solo is you get to learn so many new things about yourself. You get to learn what you are capable of and how humble you are within . Now that you have travelled around through some practically strange situations ,you will learn how to take important decisions in your life and adapt to the changes. And finally you get to learn what are the things in you that you should change for a happy living 🙂

Happy travel my friends. Go out there and explore your happiness 🙂

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