Sun-kissed in sub zero !

Those who have been from Leh to Manali can surely relate to the feeling of descending from Tanglang La- Debring- Morey Plains. It feels so calm and relieved on getting down to the Morey Plains after crossing the freezing temperatures of Tanglang La.

I had underestimated Tanglang La. I had no idea how it would be in the morning. I started ignorantly from Rumtse at 7 am and was there at Tanglang La at around 8:30 am. It was fucking snowing ! After every 20 minutes I used to get down from the bike and check if my toes and fingers were untouched by the frostbite. It was almost -10 degrees and I was riding like a complete moron.

As soon as I got down to Morey plains, it was the most satisfactory feeling I had that day. That’s why this picture is so special to me ! Words don’t do justice to that sudden silence of the adrenalin rush.

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