Leap of faith.

Riding solo through the Chang La pass is one of those feelings that seem creepy and beautiful at the same time. Specially if you are the first one to cross Chang La just after the snow is cleared.

After spending the night inside my tent in snowfall at Pangong, it was time to head back to Leh. I knew it had snowed in Chang La but never expected these 6 feet huge walls to form overnight. I was bored to the core while waiting for 3 hours for the BRO to clear the pass. As soon as they cleared the pass they let me go first ! I didn’t know whether to be happy or scared being the first one.

It was such an amazing experience to ride in snowfall. Couldn’t see shit for a while as those tiny snowflakes bouldered over the helmet visor. But in the end it was so satisfying. Eagerly waiting to relive these moments this year

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