The land of gods.

As I endeavour on my next adventure, this place will hold a very different place in my heart. I was never aware, or familiar will be an apt word here, with the Garhwal range of the mighty Himalayas.
For me the real Himalayas were where you can see them all barren and the freedom of exploring them till your eyes can see, like those in Himachal and Jammu & Kashmir. But to my surprise the Garhwal ranges were more rugged and had a sense of immense positiveness. The beautiful Ganga cutting and nurturing its way through the heart of the Himalayas was like a blue brush stroke on a canvas.

The villages here are not like the traditional Himalayan ones. They are quite concrete and populated, may be because the amount of spiritual and religious tourism it experiences. The tarmac is really lovely! I would like to bring Rover here someday and let her enjoy those curves. In all it was a lovely experience to be in this part of the beautiful and mighty Himalayas !

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