Dharamkot – The village of nomads !

It has been a really long time since you guys heard from me. But, believe me, all this time I adhered to my moto “Explore till you can”. After joining the OVERDRIVE magazine as a photographer I travelled a lot. When I say “A lot”, trust me, it was like every alternate morning greeted me with new places to explore. But, these travels somehow weren’t enough to feed that inner gypsy side of mine. Travelling was mostly accompanied by hectic shoots. Hence, I decided to take a week’s break into the Himalayas. Just like the old times. But this time, with my amazing other half!

I had heard a lot about Dharamkot and the beautiful treks that it offers. So, without any further delay we circled up on Dharamkot. It was such a lovely experience to travel together to the Himalayas. Both of us being suckers for the mountains, had each and every trek planned. We decided to stay put at the cozy Zostel in Dharamkot village. The Zostel here is as pretty and cozy as this little village of Dharamkot is. The people running this place are warm hearted and full of energy. Dharamkot being a very small village has limited accommodation options. So, if you guys are planning to visit there make sure you make the bookings in advance. If you love to trek and like being in the nature then I would highly recommend you guys to stay in Dharamkot rather than Mcleodganj or Dharamshala which are relatively over populated by the typical touristy-crowd.

After a relaxing first day, we headed for the infamous Triund trek. Difficulty wise, it’s a medium level 4 hours trek. It’s much of a trail walk except the last kilometre, where it gets pretty steep. Unfortunately, the rain gods showed up during our trek and made it all slushy. Well, that was surely a challenge! Carrying those heavy camping bags and struggling with the slush was the last thing I wanted to happen. But, the view we witnessed after reaching the top was beautiful! The snow covered Himalayas in front of us, shining in the golden hour as the sun was about to set! As soon as we took our eyes of this beautiful view we saw that we weren’t the only people at the top. There were around 2000 people with ridiculous number of tents pitched adjacent to each other in the slush.Them Dharavi vibes. Well, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Apparently, that being a long weekend, people from all the adjacent states had shown up. Frankly speaking I wish we could trek till Snow Line which required trekking of around 1.5 hours further ahead of Triund. We highly doubted about our chances to reach there as the weather wasn’t in our favour. Darks clouds and fog had enveloped us. The temperature started falling to single digits and we could only see 3-4 tents amongst the thousands. Nonetheless, it was a lovely experience. For those who are curious about accommodation at Triund, there are few small dhabas¬† at the top that provide you with tents and sleeping bags. Also they serve you piping hot food (Maggie and Rajma-Chawal). If you are going during a long weekend or peak season time then I would suggest you to take your own tent as it’s a chaos up there.

The next morning after reaching back to the base, it was time to rest. Some nice music, beer and a campfire ! Ah! I would never ask for more. The night was spent by singing choruses and sharing travel stories alongside the campfire with other travellers at the Zostel. The best part of the trip was the next morning. Trying to get our bones and muscles back together was surely a task. Just as we thought we were done with trekking somebody lured us for another one. A trek to the waterfall. It looked so beautiful in the videos that we couldn’t resist it and so began the trek to the Crystal waterfall pond. It’s a 2 hour walk through the beautiful forest of Dharamkot. I would highly recommend this trek over the Triund one. The lush green canopy with a slight hint of mist rolling through the forest was nothing less than a dream sequence ! After trekking through this fairy-land, we finally reached the Crystal waterfall pond and what a mesmerising view it was. The water was so darn clear ! I had only seen such water at Dawki, Meghalaya. It seemed like a Deja-vu’ to me. We spent a couple of hours over here jumping into the pond like monkeys. After a refreshing swim we started our return journey as it was about to get dark. Another day well spent !


Dharamkot has numerous cute and cozy cafes that will definitely fill your soul. Almost all of them carry that happy and relaxed vibes. If you are looking for a quick break of 4 days from Delhi then Dharamkot is the place to be. Well, from now, I will make sure that I blog my experiences regularly with you guys. Cheers !

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