Sherpa and the Himalayas

I know, it might come across as a cliche’, but riding to Himalayas has always been a spiritual journey for me. Being amidst these tall guys really makes me feel how small my problems are. I was itching to take Sherpa into the Himalayas. That’s it ! One afternoon, I decided to saddle up my pre-packed duffle bag and set out that very night. Is it very odd that I find riding in the dark safer ? Well, to each his own.

Some additional ignition for the soul. 8 degrees on the thermo !
Some warm blessings from the Sun 🙂

The aim was to do Pune to Jaipur in one go. I have been on this highway a million times and I wasn’t expecting any surprises. Swung my leg on Sherpa at 2100 hrs from Pune and man, it was definitely a spine chilling experience. As I started to approach Rajasthan, the temperature reading on the bike dropped down to single digits. I have no problem with the cold. In fact I hate riding in heat. It’s just annoying.

Flaunting comes naturally to Sherpa
A quick photo break didn’t hurt anybody.
That tiered yet happy face after 1300 km !

After riding for 9 hours, the sun finally blessed me with some warmth and I found my self in Udaipur in no time. From here on, the highway riding was just a breeze. Straight roads and triple digits on the odo always go hand in hand. No kidding, it was a hectic ride but Sherpa is a perfect companion when it comes to mile munching ! We finally reached Jaipur at 1600 hrs. 1300 km of pure mile munching and that too in 19 hrs. 

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