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A long time indeed.

Ummm, where should I start from ? A lot has changed since I last scribbled my thoughts down here. The most amazing thing that has happened lately is[...]

Solitude and Himalayas

Humans are complex. They ask for things they want and not for those which they need. SOLITUDE is one of those which is often off their list. Some enjo[...]

A dream come true.

While people are busy with white Spiti, here is a sneak peek from the white Sela ! After my previous expedition of Tawang, I was a bit sad that I coul[...]

The land of gods.

As I endeavour on my next adventure, this place will hold a very different place in my heart. I was never aware, or familiar will be an apt word here,[...]

Leap of faith.

Riding solo through the Chang La pass is one of those feelings that seem creepy and beautiful at the same time. Specially if you are the first one to [...]